Cooling Services

Thermal Electric has the solution for your cooling system needs.

Air Conditioning & Cooling
Install or repair central air conditioning, window air conditioners, mist cooling & refrigeration systems, swamp coolers, etc.

Air conditioners can range from a small room air conditioner to a large central air conditioning unit. Most air conditioners operate at less than their maximum efficiency, presenting energy-saving opportunities. New air conditioning units are far more efficient than earlier models.Your investment in an efficient heating and cooling system can keep your family comfortable even during the hottest or coldest of days. Proper operation of your heating system or cooling system isn't just about comfort - it can also affect your family's safety. Imagine being without heating on those below-freezing days of winter or without cooling on those sweltering days of summer. If you need to replace your home's heating and cooling system, turn to us and you will experience exceptional quality and value.